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The proposed business is essentially digital, involves the use of ICT and is conditioned by the development of digital skills as an integral part of its activity. The company delivers digital products and contributes to the development of ICT in the economy and society as a whole.

Social innovation is implemented most of the time through social entrepreneurship, which is most often carried out by NGO-type organizations (associations or foundations). We are committed to supporting social entrepreneurship by developing at least one annual project for an association or foundation in this area, software project that does not involve the allocation of more than 40 hours of programming annually or the involvement of employees in social projects in a number of minimum hours with the one presented above.

We believe that our project promotes non-discriminatory access to knowledge, but perhaps more importantly access to validated knowledge.We believe that online education promotes equal opportunities, especially in post-pandemic conditions. The pandemic has indeed led to the accentuation of the discrepancies between rural and urban environments but at the same time it has increased the degree of awareness of the possibilities of online education.