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Complete package of eCommerce services

The platform has all the necessary functionality to successfully create and manage an online store. From products, orders and categories to billing modules, product options and real-time notifications.

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Automated eCommerce

We automate the platform's processes in order to reduce costs and operating time.

Scalable architecture

The platform is optimized both software and hardware, to cope with a large volume of orders and products.

An eCommerce experience

Give customers a unique, personalized experience

Mobile friendly eCommerce platform

The store interface as well as the administration panel delivered by us is fully responsive on any device.

This way, customers have a great experience no matter what device they use when accessing your store, and so do you, managing your store from any device.

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Responsive eCommerce Platform - DevTech
Perfect products for customers - DevTech

Simple management of your products

Our partners manage product catalogs of tens of products or hundreds of thousands of products in their stores.

Product functionalities

We offer you a scalable solution that gives you the ability to manage a large number of products.

  • Filtering, sorting and pagination in real time
  • Additional import, discount, liquidation, bundle
  • Multiple images per product, automatically generated
  • Descriptions, specifications and technical details
  • Sales history and price for each product
  • Product search with real-time suggestions
  • Product variations by color, size, weight or other options
  • Sales performance reports
  • Selecting the display type of displayed products: list or column
  • Multiple suppliers for each product with different price, stock and code

Give customers what they need

We all know how important customer loyalty is. With the help of our platform you can manage clients as you wish!

Customers features

  • Multiple delivery and billing addresses
  • Order tracking system by order status
  • Order history and customer file
  • Return system for products
  • Loyalty system through customer or shopping basket discounts
  • Blocking "bad faith" customers
  • Data processing according to GDPR
  • Smart shopping cart
Customers - DevTech
Automations that reduce costs - DevTech

Automations that reduce processing time and costs

Our platform is automated so as to reduce processing costs, times and the need for human resources as much as possible.

Real-time notifications

Inform customers about the status of orders, notifications by email or SMS.

Invoice and AWBs instantly

You generate tax invoices, as well as AWBs, by simply changing an order status.

Primary accounting

The invoices generated by our platform will be able to be exported or integrated directly with a accounting software.

Product imports

Complete your product catalog in a few minutes by importing Excel and CSV files.

Stocks on different features

Set the product stock according to size, color or other characteristics.

Other automations

In addition, many other automations are available in our ecommerce platform. Also, custom functionalities can be developed upon request

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How we work

Understand your business or idea

Estimate the time and cost based on the details provided

Define technologies and create a project outline

Develop, test and deliver the project

Technologies used

To bring more value to our workflow and deliver projects on time, we use the following cocktail of technologies.

DevTech technologies used - Artificial Intelligence
DevTech technologies used - Deep Learning
DevTech technologies used - Tensorflow
DevTech technologies used - .Net Framework Coding
DevTech technologies used - .Net Core Coding
DevTech technologies used - Java Enterprise Edition Coding
DevTech technologies used - Python Coding
DevTech technologies used - PHP Coding
DevTech technologies used - Laravel Coding
DevTech technologies used - React Coding
DevTech technologies used - Vue Coding
DevTech technologies used - Bootstrap Coding
DevTech technologies used - REST API Coding
DevTech technologies used - Android Coding
DevTech technologies used - iOS Coding
DevTech technologies used - Swift Coding
DevTech technologies used - Jira
DevTech technologies used - Git
DevTech technologies used - Github
DevTech technologies used - Bitbucket
DevTech technologies used - SQL Server
DevTech technologies used - MySQL
DevTech technologies used - MariaDB
DevTech technologies used - MongoDB