How can an enterprise system application help you?

The purpose of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is to integrate and optimize all of a company's operations in one system. This includes managing and monitoring all activities from inventory and production management to human resources and finance management.

We approach each ERP project with a customized approach, starting from the specific needs of each company. We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements and then design and implement an ERP solution to meet those requirements.

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What ERP solutions can we build for your business?

Our team has extensive experience in designing and developing innovative and scalable ERP solutions. We can help you build applications tailored to your needs and requirements. Here are some examples of ERP solutions we can develop for your business:

Human Resources Management Solutions

This type of ERP that allows companies to manage information about employees, salaries, benefits, working time or breaks for example.

Custom Relationship Management Systems

A CRM system allows you to manage customer relationships and monitor customer interactions so you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Reporting and analysis system

A reporting and data analysis system helps to make decisions and monitor the performance of operations.

Inventory Management Solutions

The purpose of this system is to enable you to manage and monitor inventory so that you can maintain optimal inventory levels and avoid overstocking or understocking.

Production management solutions

They allow the management and monitoring of the entire production process, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

Billing and payment systems

The purpose of this solution is to allow you to manage invoicing and payment collection, as well as generate financial reports and track financial performance.

These are just some examples of solutions. We develop customized solutions that meet your requirements.

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How we work

Understand your business or idea

Estimate the time and cost based on the details provided

Define technologies and create a project outline

Develop, test and deliver the project

Technologies used

To bring more value to our workflow and deliver projects on time, we use the following cocktail of technologies.

DevTech technologies used - Artificial Intelligence
DevTech technologies used - Deep Learning
DevTech technologies used - Tensorflow
DevTech technologies used - .Net Framework Coding
DevTech technologies used - .Net Core Coding
DevTech technologies used - Java Enterprise Edition Coding
DevTech technologies used - Python Coding
DevTech technologies used - PHP Coding
DevTech technologies used - Laravel Coding
DevTech technologies used - React Coding
DevTech technologies used - Vue Coding
DevTech technologies used - Bootstrap Coding
DevTech technologies used - REST API Coding
DevTech technologies used - Android Coding
DevTech technologies used - iOS Coding
DevTech technologies used - Swift Coding
DevTech technologies used - Jira
DevTech technologies used - Git
DevTech technologies used - Github
DevTech technologies used - Bitbucket
DevTech technologies used - SQL Server
DevTech technologies used - MySQL
DevTech technologies used - MariaDB
DevTech technologies used - MongoDB

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