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Online Recruitment Agency with Remote hiring process


KPI Talents is an online IT recruitment agency based in Brașov, Romania, offering permanent jobs for Romanian candidates who want to work on-site or remotely in Romania, the European Union or the United States of America.

eLearning CRM - DevTech.ro
Customer requirements

Facilitating the entire recruitment process and more

The DevTech solution

DevTech experts have developed a CRM designed to automate the entire process. Jobs can be published within the platform, upon receiving applications from candidates. The creation of lessons and modules that can be taught to online learners was another criterion in the development of the CRM. Also, within the platform, payments can be made and invoices can be issued.

The DevTech solution also includes a reporting section where data about projects, candidates, clients, interviews, jobs, but also financial indices can be viewed.

Technologies used
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Logo CSS 3
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Logo Laravel
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The benefits of the platform


General characteristics

  • Secure access through the web interface (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari);
  • User and password-based authentication, encrypted;
  • Multilanguage platform developed on the latest technology;
  • Configurable workflows;
  • The possibility to export the data in excel/word/pdf;
  • Daily database backup;

Recruitment mode

  • Management of candidate data;
  • Management of contracts and projects;
  • Automatic invoicing based on contractual transactions or milestones;
  • Project management: planning, budgeting and project execution follow-up;


  • Registration of purchases through invoices;
  • Management of supplier balances;


  • Registration of collection and payment documents (payment order, promissory note, cash, credit card, etc.);
  • Management of unpaid and unpaid invoice lists;
  • Employee accounts;


  • Customer segmentation based on multiple selection criteria;
  • Defining marketing campaigns and tracking them in the system;

Client and candidate portal

  • Differentiated access to clients/candidates;
  • Candidates will be able to view open jobs, recommended by the system, according to their profile;

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • Registration of Leads and contact persons;
  • Generating and organizing the electronic agenda through activities;
  • Offering;
  • Billing;
  • Management of customer communication history.


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The proposed business is essentially digital, involves the use of ICT and is conditioned by the development of digital skills as an integral part of its activity. The company delivers digital products and contributes to the development of ICT in the economy and society as a whole.

Social innovation is implemented most of the time through social entrepreneurship, which is most often carried out by NGO-type organizations (associations or foundations). We are committed to supporting social entrepreneurship by developing at least one annual project for an association or foundation in this area, software project that does not involve the allocation of more than 40 hours of programming annually or the involvement of employees in social projects in a number of minimum hours with the one presented above.

We believe that our project promotes non-discriminatory access to knowledge, but perhaps more importantly access to validated knowledge.We believe that online education promotes equal opportunities, especially in post-pandemic conditions. The pandemic has indeed led to the accentuation of the discrepancies between rural and urban environments but at the same time it has increased the degree of awareness of the possibilities of online education.